As for the current global situation, international movements are limited, therefore, a proper control and management of overseas branches it’s more difficult. A4 with its strong direct presence both in China and in Italy can help manage and coordinate all the different aspects related to the daily management of the overseas company and its ongoing business operations, no matter of which nature. Thanks to its international nature, A4 is the perfect contact point between the Chinese Management Staff (CFO, CEO, Shareholders) and their overseas Staff, helping them communicate in the daily operations and business planning and execution.


Accounting Reclassification and DTA application

With its long expertise in both Chinese and Italian accounting standards, A4 team is able to draft consolidated financial statement and account reconciliation from IAS – IFRS GAAP into the PRC accounting standards.
A4 can also support and draft group reporting packages in accordance with the needs of the clients.
A4 local experts have a deep understanding of double taxations agreements as well as their application and they support clients in meeting the relevant requirements.
A4 staff can also draft dividend resolutions, international agreement on royalties’, know-how and services considering both domestic regulations and Double Tax Agreements between the countries.

Management Control and Compliance

A4 can support the Chinese company to control the management of the Italian subsidiaries and evaluate the performances and the implementation of business strategies. It can help guide the local management toward the company’s strategic objectives and control its implementation.
Moreover, A4 can supervise and undertake compliance activities to cover both internal policies and procedures, as well as federal, state and international laws to help its clients prevent and detect violations of rules and protect the company from fines and lawsuits.

Risk Analysis and Insurance Brokerage

A4 can full undertake risk analysis procedures examining how project outcomes and objectives might change due to the impact of the risk event.
Once the risks are identified, A4 can analyse them to acknowledge the impact of the risk on the project so that appropriate steps can be taken to mitigate them.
With the support of an insurance partner, A4 can review the ongoing insurance package and support in drawing up an effective insurance programme and seek the ideal balance between the necessary guarantees to cover the risks and their costs.

Treasury and Bank Management

A4 can support its clients granting a proper bank relationship as well as ensuring smooth treasury operations.
A4 can manage bank accounts in accordance with its client’s instructions and procedure tailored on their control requirements. It can manage foreign exchange transactions as well as internal payments (e.g. reimbursements) and foreign loan application.

Company Crisis Evaluation

A4 is able to establish a series of early warning services with the aim of securing a company from the crisis before it becomes “incurable”.
For this reason, a network of signals can be set up to intercept the difficulties in a timely manner and at the same time initiating procedures with the aim of solving the crisis and helping to effectively relaunch the company on the market.

Identification of Key Management in Italy and Europe and HR Management

A4 can serve businesses of all sizes helping organizations address important HR outsourcing requirements by aligning the human resources and business strategies. A4 manages critical HR processes, bringing significant operational facilitation.
A4 human resource outsourcing services will include activities throughout the entire duration of the employee life-cycle.
The A4 team is dedicated to delivering flexible and practical employment support to the business needs offering a range of outsourced HR consultancy, business support functions and ad-hoc services.

HR Outsourcing Services

A4 will then manage the entire process of recruiting and hiring, or just the chosen processes and help with local staff management whether it is research of new qualified staff, termination of labour contracts or labour disputes.
A4 can help clients by taking care of all of the HR requirements that allows its clients to concentrate on growing company’s profitability and productivity.
• Recruitment
• Set up of local Payroll with local partners
• Employee Handbooks
• Employment Contracts
• Improve business performance

Temporary and Permanent Staffing

A4 can support its clients in the identification of temporary or permanent Key Management profiles directly in Italy and Europe matching the right people by understanding clients and candidate’s needs.

International Recruitment, Selection, Retention

A4 offers Flexible Staffing Search and Selection Services with experience in sourcing, selecting and placing people.
• Identifying the requirements and need for the role
• Benchmarking salaries
• Candidate screening
• Candidate profiling
• Gathering references
• Design offer letter and contract of employment

Organizational Design & Strategy

A4 can help in developing new organization designs for “start ups” as well as restructuring current designs for existing businesses and formulate strategy.
• Best-fit organization design options
• Company and HR strategy design

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