As for the current global situation, the Chinese market is the only one that seems able to overcome the crisis and be stable for present and future growth. Having a presence in China in this moment is without any doubt an advantage. Therefore, a proper control and management of overseas branches in China is necessary to ensure a correct and constant grow in operations. Our main strength is our strong direct presence in China that can help manage all the different aspects related to the daily management of the company and its ongoing business operations, no matter of which nature. Thanks to our international nature, we are the perfect contact point between the Italian Management Staff (CFO, CEO, Shareholders) and their oversees Staff, helping them communicate in the daily operations and business planning and execution.


With its multicultural team of Chinese, Italian and European lawyers, tax advisors and certified public accountants, A4 provides a 360° service to its clients in order to help them to achieve their goal in M&A operations.

The deep understanding of International, Chinese, Italian and European legal and tax landscapes allows A4 to provide one stop services and best solutions for international Mergers and Acquisitions within different systems.

In this area it can go through every stage of a Merge and Acquisition deal, from preliminary issues to post-merger:

• Due diligence report and structuring;
• Negotiation and preparation of deal documents;
• Post-transaction transition;
• Post-merger integration and services;
• Completion of PRC governmental approval;
• Assisting with relevant statutory procedures and formalities;
• IP Portfolio protection and consultancy.

A4 can also handle, in addition to tax issues, any regulatory and public authorization matters and the most complex inter-state compliance matters, including extra-territorial application of foreign laws.

A4 provides advice on the acquisition and sale of shares, companies or branches, as well as on the establishment of joint ventures.

Legal Due Diligence

In this area A4 can fully undergo the process of collecting, understanding and assessing all the potential legal risks associated during a M&A process or share transaction by investigating the obligations and liabilities of the target company in order to provide a clear picture to potential investors to prevent any future legal problems.

Its multicultural staff can provide the service on both PRC and European target companies.
A4 team can cover several areas of investigation:

• Corporate documents;
• Commercial contracts;
• Employment agreements;
• Intellectual property compliance;
• Regulatory compliance;
• Pending or Potential Litigation and liabilities;
• Contracts related to other major assets owned (and leased);
• Use of PRC land rights.

A4 can provide a full and detailed legal due diligence report on the target company and ultimately provide advices during the pre and post deal legal phase.

Tax Due Diligence

A4 can support its clients undergo tax due diligence of the company to be acquired or to be sold identifying company historical tax risks of the target company as well understanding the impact of risks and opportunities of the transaction.

Its international experience and professional staff can ensure a smooth and efficient process and determine the market value, fair value and intrinsic value of a company’s tangible and intangible assets, complying with International Valuation Standards.

Tax Due Diligence Key Services:

• Identify preliminary tax structure;
• Identify cash flow impact of tax issues;
• Define tax structure;
• Identify tax liabilities;
• Tax exposure;
• Tax compliance;
• Provide “real-time” feedback regarding any potential tax issues or “deal breaker”;
• Assist with post-close mitigation and/or resolution of tax issues identified during the tax due diligence process;
• Ensure the correct application of Chinese accounting standards (CAS) and principles;
• Assess whether the Company has kept proper accounting records and fulfilled obligations towards the relevant administrative and governmental authorities.

Find your Chinese Business Partner

Thanks to its International and Local Network, combined with its exclusive access to several database, A4 can assist its clients to identify, examine and contact the perfect target for their business needs.
The strong direct presence both in Italy and China allows A4 to put in place a very smooth and effective process of research and communication between the interested parties.

Identification of Key management in china and HR management

A4 can support its clients in the identification of temporary or permanent Key Management profiles directly in China.
Moreover, it can help with local staff management whether it is research of new staff, termination of labour contracts or labour disputes.

Management Control and Compliance

A4 can gather and use information to evaluate the performance of its clients to implement its business strategies.
It can help guide the local management toward the company’s strategic objectives and control its implementation.
Moreover, A4 can supervise and undertake compliance activities to cover both internal policies and procedures, as well as federal, state and international laws to help its clients prevent and detect violations of rules and protect the company from fines and lawsuits.